Wednesday 7 August 2013

Cheltenham Racecourse Platform 2

We have  a gentleman's agreement to to help Cheltenham get started with Platform 2. To pin this down, we have agreed to a concentrated effort on the first Wednesday  of each month. Here is Bob White's report and photos.

Hi Bill
This was the first of the monthly BAG bricklaying days. Eleven volunteers were on site and a good day was had by all. In between watching the 2 steam trains (Tank engine 5542 and Foremarke Hall) we managed to move another five pallets of bricks into position and lay some 400 plus bricks and 30 blocks. On the first section courses 5 and 6 of the new wall were completed so we are now only two courses below corbelling level.

We also did a PR exercise by waving at the passengers on the trains. Much interest seemed to be shown by passengers on the platform and trains.
Some pictures of the day are enclosed.



richard said...

When CRC and Broadway are finished are the GWR station building team going to start on Honeybourne :) lol

Peter Simmons said...

I thought that Honeybourne was ready and waiting for us - isnt there a bay platform allocated for GWR use when we get there?

Ben Meek said...

Peter, I hope the photo and brief description in the link above gives a good view of the current state of the Honeybourne bay platform following the line doubling by Network rail. Space is allocated but much building work required by the looks of it.

p.s. Bill, I'm amazed at the progress you and all of the team are making on both projects, plus a very enjoyable blog. Donation on its way.

Bill said...

Thanks for the input and kind comments