Monday 12 August 2013

Monday 12th August 2013 CRC Platform 2

A Team of 9 from the Broadway Area Group continued the steady progress. here is Jo's report and photos.

Hi Bill,
A good day at CRC to day – 4 brick layers, 1 muck maker, and 4 people shifting bricks. 9 in total.
The brick laying team put down 3 courses, which brings them to row 9, one below the start of corbelling. A pallet of corbelling bricks has arrived on site.

The brick shifting team moved a record 8 pallets today, that’s about 3200 bricks, each one of which was manhandled twice. We shifted only blues, and these from the second big pile on top of the cutting side, which held 20 pallets at the start of the day, and of which only 12 pallets remained at the end of the day. The other, main pile, started with 65 pallets, and today 46 of them remain.

It was dry and breezy, and we reflected on the luck we have had with the weather recently. Imagine all the bending down and picking up, in heavy all weather gear.

As it was Bob’s birthday – the exact age was not revealed even to close friends (or we thought we were close friends) – there was a cake for us all, which disappeared quickly. Happy birthday, Bob !
Block laying at Broadway on Wednesday, with a day of rest in between. Well deserved, I must admit.
Best regards,


Happy birthday Bob and well done everybody!

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