Sunday 11 August 2013

Better Late than Never?

Well I certainly  hope so. Congratulations to Ray O'Hara for successfully completing the 192 miles of Wainwrights Walk from coast to coast  - and even visiting Broadway afterwards!
I should have done more to arrange a welcome at Broadway - after all it was for our benefit! Well done Ray -  perhaps we can arrange something soon to celebrate such an achievement. Bill


Anonymous said...

Bill, will you hope to deploy the trainees from Gloscat this year at Cheltenham Station? Their senior tutor was pretty keen last year. Also could we bribe brickies with a family ticket for a days work on the trowel?

regards - John Oates

Anonymous said...

Volunteers go free anyway, would love to see the second platform at crc gain momemtum, maybe ask pates to help (no prizes for guessing which schol I go to...) I already volunteer at c and w though, shame I can't do more to help, can only do Saturday mornings there

Anonymous said...

what about community payback,cleaning bricks and shoveling rubble would leave more skilled workers available?
I read other sites where they lend a hand(Mid Norfolk for one)