Wednesday 24 July 2013

Wednesday 24th July - Coping Slabs on Platform 2

Not often I miss a Wednesday morning at Broadway, especially when a significant activity such as laying coping slabs is afoot. However 12 volunteers were on site, together with Richard and the Fairview lorry.  A day long session meant that 23 slabs were laid, leaving 17 to go! Brilliant!

Further investigative work was carried out on the proposed footings for platform 2B.
 Here we see the footing as poured yesterday.

The next task is to remove the old side drain from the route of the remaining section of footing. No easy task, but the job will start tomorrow and hopefully be finished on Friday.

The rest of the gang kept up the fight back of weeds on the platform surfaces.

Ron Dobson has pointed out the brick cleaners were doing their bit - sorry for the omission!

An Additional report on the day from Roger Brindley who was leading the slab laying gang today:-

A great team effort today, we layed 23 Slabs, in very testing conditions (quick drying mortar, and the need to measure the distance between platform 1 and 2 for each slab and then Laser each one.

There are 17 Slabs remaining to be layed.

Our regular Muck Man (Paul) decided that life would be easier at Cheltenham, so I drafted in
Ron (Hong Kong) until Lunch Time when he had to leave to catch an 18.00 hrs flight to Hong Kong. His parting words were see you in December.
(we will look forward to it Ron) Peter H stepped in into Muck duties until end of play at 16.00, A Big thanks to both of them,they did a great job in keeping the Muck flowing.

On a sad note Richard's father passed away on Sunday, but he was on site for 7 hours, He was
clearly distressed but he played a major part in the project as usual, I think we helped to take his
mind off his sudden loss. (so sorry to hear this Richard)

The funeral has been arranged for next Wednesday, therefore we will not be laying slabs until
the following week.

Gordon has an update on other activities taking place today.

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Ron said...

What about the brick cleaning gang? There 3 of us keeping the supply rolling

Bill said...

Sorry Ron....