Wednesday 24 July 2013

Wednesday 24th July 2013 - the first Bricks laid at Cheltenham on Platform 2

Jo sent me this report and photos:-

Hi Bill,
4 people at CRC today:
John C
Bob W is off with back trouble, very frustrating for him. (get well soon Bob - Bill)
We laid the first two courses of the first stretch of 10m, together with a little tower at each end.The passing of trains added a little interest, but we interacted just fine. . Locos passed at a slow walking pace.

We now have tea making facilities (Alan B brought a kettle); all that is still needed is a fridge to put the milk in. Alan is on the case.
In between helping the 2 bricklayers (reduced to one in the afternoon) Paul and I had time to move another pallet of bricks. That makes 8 of 65 brought down, with 57 to go. Plus another stack of blues further down the site, which I didn’t count.

See you tomorrow,

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