Wednesday 12 June 2013

Wednesday 12th June 2013

A great turnout again today - the Wednesday Gang are certainly consistent, with 20 Volunteers on Site.

The bricklaying crew have the completion of the current section of Platform 2 in there sights and the bricklaying, cement mixing, and brick stacking were working a like a well oiled machine. Every one of these is vital to achieving the end result.

I think Clive's getting worried about the number of times
he ends up in front of Jo's lens!

I didn't get a 'bricks laid' count today, but there were teams in 3 places on the line, so it must have been approaching a record.

At the southern end of of Platform 2 the paving slabs were set out for incorporation in the back edge of the platform. When this is completed the lamppost ducting can be laid and the infill brought up to platform level .

Gordon explains why a risk assessment has to be
completed before a job, not after it!

Back at the northern end bricks were cleaned for general stocks. I also stripped down an old 240v mixer to upgrade it to a petrol version. We will see what 0-60 time we can get out of it when fully tuned.

Rod on the chain gang.

And  Platform 2 at 5 pm - just remarkable!


Graham said...

I frequently call in to see how things are coming along and progress this year seems to be phenomenal.People have jokingly said the station will be finished before the track gets there but seriously will permanent way wait until all the remaining bridges have been repaired before checking out the track bed or will we have to wait for years due to an unforeseen problem that could have been rectified.


Toddington Ted said...

I understood that the trackbed had already been checked, especially given the recent landslips on the line furthe south which caused us so much angst, but as I'm no longer an active volunteer on the GWSR I may be mistaken. Progress is indeed phenomenal and its a real morale booster to see a wonderful country station rebuilt at Broadway!

Bill said...

The trackbed between Laverton and Broadway has been checked and any risk areas noted. I think we can safely say that as the bridges get repaired the interconnecting trackbed will be assessed for weaknesses and appropriate action taken at the same time.