Saturday 15 June 2013

Saturday 15th June 2013

A typical summers day with sunshine and some heavy showers. Nevertheless there was a good turnout today, with 15 volunteers on duty.

Heads down on the bricklaying 
Bricklaying was always going to be on the cards - the end game of this section of platform 2 is in sight.

Four courses are now on this last section, with four to go before the corbelling starts.

Peter, John and Ron

Further south on platform 2 the rear slabs were being placed and concreted in. This will allow the infill to progress and allow the cable ducting to be installed.

Peter Quick drew the short straw to  mix the concrete and barrow it  from the cement mixer. We were blessed with Peter's company because his Ryanair flight was cancelled earlier in the week because of the air  traffic controllers strike in France. Ryanair's loss was our gain!

By the end of play 2/3 of the slabs were in, straight and true, with the remainder to be done on Wednesday.

Now who says volunteering is  a bed of roses. Not so! Here John Blofield fends off  botulism with a fridge clean.

The other areas of work included the successful conversion of a cement mixer to petrol power. Also the refurbishing of some steps. Both these down to a long day put in by John Simms.

More bricks were cleaned.

Finally and most importantly Chris Helm gave all of the volunteers a refresher Site Safety presentation, highlighting the main criteria for sending people home in the same condition that they came.  More of this on Wednesday.

Thanks everybody!

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