Tuesday 18 June 2013

Sack Barrow

 A sack barrow nicely refurbished by Jo Roesen. Jo's covering comments:-

Here is a picture of the sack barrow you asked me to restore. I’ve stopped the wheels from wobbeling, greased them up, given it a ‘GWR’ repaint and lettered it, with the kind help of Richard Johnson. Now all we need is a station to put it on. Normally, the barrows were kept under the footbridge steps.

If you have any other such treasures that you would like to donate to Broadway Station, please get in touch.

An addendum for the  "Anonymous" below

 To: Bill Britton  Subject: SACK BARROW
It was very nice to meet you the other week, when we brought the sack barrow to Broadway
Station. The work undertaken so far is a credit to all concerned. The sack barrow was used by
the staff in the Goods Depot at Doncaster for many years . after mechanical handling came in
it was sent to the P.W. Depot in Doncaster to be used in the Stores.
It was ideal for the stores staff who used to carry bags of bolts and chairscrews within the Depot.
I hope this will be of interest to you regarding the history of this barrow.
Kind Regards,

Just as general point I don't mind the odd anonymous comment, but if you want a reply please add your name 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I used to have a "Beware of trains" sign I would have donated, but it got stolen in January unfortunately.

stevebaker70 said...

Does anyone know the provenance of the sack truck? I seem to remember one of these was still under the footbridge at Stratford On Avon in around 1979 - 80.....

Anonymous said...

Where did this come from then? I saw no mention of it in any previous posts. It's always interesting to see where these treasures appear from?