Wednesday 17 April 2013

Wednesday 17th April 2013 and the Largest Turnout of Volunteers Yet!

There were 24 volunteers on site today - that's a record! The total possible complement is 37. I was so pleased to see everyone. Under these circumstances it is difficult to put  work completed in a particular order - every job carried out is important to the overall project, each task completed adds value, every ounce of effort is appreciated.
The Wednesday Gang - a fine body of men!

The main tasks scheduled for the day were, firstly continuing with the block laying on platform 2:-

Bob, Clive and Paul
Here the third course of  front blocks are started. The rear course is waiting for the rebars to go in and the resin to set.

In the background, Roger, Terry, Rod, Tony and Peter H

Where is everyone else I hear you ask? Well the slab laying gang were putting the final 7 slabs on on the completed part of platform 2.

Gordon and Roger J

And then, by the bridge a team were making the fencing safe around the bridge.

Jim and Peter Q
And another team were sprucing up the entrance on the driveway.

The wild primroses were being rescued by Ron T and Dave B from the car park embankment, before it gets bulldozed.

Dave B

The bulk of the flowers were being planted in the newly prepared platform 2 embankment. They will look a treat.

Here Richard and the HIAB literally weigh up the coping stone for its re-placement of the north east pallister on the bridge.

Other tasks that were completed today:-

5 Volunteers on brick cleaning - I will get those pictures next time!
Door removed from the phone box for an extra coat of paint
Fire bell mountings replaced
More ballast loaded behind 2


We had an international Squad on the rebar Drilling and fitting today. A colleague of Jos, David Sjerp from the SSN(De Stoom Stichting Nederland) Railway in Holland joined us for the day. David is fully qualified and trained volunteer and I was pleased to welcome him aboard for the day. He is the third visitor we have had from SSN. Thank you for your efforts David!


andrew said...

If possible I would appreciate a photo showing total site including both platforms from the southern end please

Jo said...

Will do my best on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Top photo; Taking an average age of 65, this represents a total of 1,560 years experience and enthusiasm !!!

Anonymous said...

when do you think there will be some progress with the signal box?

Perry said...

What is a pallister please?
Is it a wall buttress?



Bill said...

Sorry for delay Perry. Yes it's on each corner of the bridge for strength and protection to stop anything crashing down from the bridge. I mis spelt it by the way PIlaster