Saturday 20 April 2013

Saturday 20th April 2013 - What a difference the sunshine makes!

A select band of 8 today (with the bricklayers coming on Monday for a Monday Special), and the bright sunshine made for many cups of tea, and putting the world to rights.

The main activity was the recover of brick rubble from the car park embankment, for use behind Platform 2. As you can imagine there are some significant voids to be filled behind the new platform walls and every bit helps.

Roger  J and Peter Q(who had a day off carpentry) enjoy a brew.
They obviously have shares in Buildbase!

However it was not easy work and that where the odd tea break comes in handy!

On the brick cleaning front, the master cleaner Robin kept the bricks coming and was joined for part of the day by  Andrew Turner.

The master
The apprentice

Jo managed to get some more rebars resined in and to continue with the gardening in the driveway. He dutifully, as requested by a blog follower, took a picture from the "standard"  viewing point looking north. The white line will be on Platform 2 in a week or so and will emphasise the impressive job that has been achieved on Platform 2 so far.

On other fronts John B watered in the wild primroses that have been carefully planted around the gateway.

For my part I escaped early PM to go and see my eldest granddaughter in her annual dance production at Cleeve School. Can pride and joy get any better than this - I don't think so!

A couple of extras - does anyone recognise this as a railway safe?

And finally can I ask one question of the person who removed our Permissive Footpath sign from the car park. WHY????????. It was there for your benefit  and the many other walkers who use the footpath. These things all cost money that the BAG can ill afford.


andrew said...

Following my request thanks for the photo

Jo said...

Happy to be of service - hope you might now sponsor a slab :-)

richard said...

Bill, the safe looks like a fairly standard GWR station / parcel office etc cash safe

Jim Boyles said...


The removal of the "Permissive Footpath" sign is either the work of the usual deliquents (be they young or old), who have torn down our other "helpful" signs, in the past, or, more likely, scrap metal merchants who saw easy pickings. Keep an eye on all our precious objects from the past and, keep them well hidden! Too many of these types know only too well how to use the 'web and your blogs, to identify "collectable"items....

Such are the times in which we live.


Charles said...

Starting to look like a station!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the safe, it looks indentical to the one in my Line Managers office. Ahem, somewhere in Great Western land :)

Jo said...

Great to hear that it is indeed an original safe. I think it was either in the stationmaster's house from the start, or taken there when the station was demolished. It's not all that heavy in fact. I managed to recover it today from the skip, together with a set of keys! Great to get possession of an original item from Broadway station.

BTW if anyone has pictures or anecdotes about the station, we would be interested to have them. Our knowledge of the station is relatively limited.

Anonymous said...

Daft question but where has it been all these years?!! Very lucky to have a Broadway item randomly turn up in your Skip!

Jo said...

The safe was in the former stationmaster's house. The current owners are having some work done, and decided to dispose of the safe which was in the house. They very kindly offered it to us.

richard said...

Approx how big is the safe? Many offices had safes, not only ticket offices the parcels office even the station masters office may have had its own safe. A lot of the smaller ones were more strong boxes that a safe would be thick is steel where as a safe is a laminate of metals and other material.
It might be possible if you have the manufactures ser no to trace its origins

Anonymous said...

Hello All.

As usual, Progress! A good find of bricks and fill.

Question. Are all new apprentice brick cleaners required to wear a suit and tie? Andrew looks quite dapper.


Dave in California

Jo said...

The safe is quite small, about knee high. it is also surprisingly light - two of us lifted it out of the skip OK.
Inside is a space to keep valuables, and another small drawer, locked with a separate key, which we also have. I didn't see a serial number (cursory look, hey, I was standing in a skip :-) )