Thursday 7 March 2013

New Record for the Number of Blog Visits

Thank you to  the Blog followers who read the GWR Blogs.

Steaming to Broadway reached a milestone last night of 23,000 for the previous 30 days. Your ongoing interest and support is very much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Is the increase due to you starting to place daily updates on here as opposed to bi-weekly ones?

Bill said...

No doubt that will have made a difference. Also the Boardroom blog will have generated some extra traffic. I don't mind how the increase occurs as long as supporters continue to take an interest in what the Broafway Volunteers are doing.

Anonymous said...

Its only when you look at what was, and now is, do you realise just how much effort a small group of volunteers have done within a such a short period of time to recreate what is historic railway history keep up the good work

Nelson Street said...


Fantastic Effort! Clearly a lot is happening on GWSR as I also see that Laverton Loop is coming into use this month, as well as a good start on the second platform at Cheltenham Racecourse. Wonderful progress

Have you thought of having an on-line webcam? Several other preservation sites have them and for us living far away provide a wonderful opportunity to see progress as it happens.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

To celebrate 23,000+ blog visits, and show appreciation of the hard work put in by all the volunteers, I am donating £20.20 to the slab fund for platform 2.

Anonymous said...

I will second Nelson's comment about webcams!

I will even add some $ to fund them.

A long way from California, but would still like to see live steam in action on the railway. But it would be a lot better if it was from Broadway.......... but I can wait.

Dave P

Unknown said...

I really enjoy the updates. Despite living 100 miles away deep into "P&O Country" its a great way to follow the northern developments! Keep going guys (and girls), it is appreciated .

Anonymous said...

Blog followers may be interested in the video of the proposed reopening from Honeybourne to Stratford.

steam from Broadway to Stratford one day...

Anonymous said...

And another video.

This is a good train driver's view of how to get through Stratford without disrupting local residents.

Jim Boyles said...

Bill and all,
I check on the blog, daily, whilst I have not been able to get to site.
I have also enjoyed seeing the view from the webcam (for those who don't know, it's featured on the right of the page, beneath the associate's offerings.
You have all made incredible progress and I have missed the involvement, during the autumn/winter month's. I truly hope to be helping out on Saturdays, soon.
Meanwhile, I will be rattling the bucket at the Cheltenham races next week!
All the very best,

Bill said...

Thanks to all for your kind words of support. Onwards and upwards!