Monday 18 February 2013

The Infamous Five go Bricklaying - Monday 18th February 2013

Our determined efforts to keep the momentum going on  Platform 2 took another great step forward today. Here is Bob White's report and photos:-

The weather was good today - sun and 8 degrees C.
Roger, Tony, Steve, Paul and Bob W made good progress on Platform 2.
Roger and Bob continued laying the blue bricks and Tony and Steve backing their work up with the reds. Paul kept the mixer going and mortar flowing in between his bonfire duty at the north end of the site.
Two more courses were completed along the second part of the platform this now means that with the varying heights at least five courses have now been completed along it's length and Roger also commenced the first course of corbelling.
At the end of the day we all felt it was a good days effort.
I enclose a selection of pictures from the day.

Oh Yes - corbelling has started!

And a quartet from Roger:-

A Bonfire as well!

Platform 1 looks  a treat
you  can see the curve at the southern end
 and platform 2 beginning to match it..


Garry said...

Great progress. How is the brick situation these days? Do you have enough to finsh the platforms?

Also, for those of us unable to visit the site, could you (when time dictates) drop on another sketch plan to show the completed works and the outstanding works.

Finally (promise), has the track from Laverton started to extend towards you yet - is there a proposed date for the metals to run in to Broadway?

Keep up the fantastic work.


Anonymous said...

Garry check out the new boardroom blog. Link at the top of the page. That gives you a pretty clear answer. Half a million just for the bridges and the first one is the second most expensive.

andrew said...

Does anyone know how many bricks are actually required to build each platform

Bill said...

About 45,0000!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

is that the correct number of "0"
's? 45,000 r 450,000

Bill said...

Whoops 45000.