Sunday 13 January 2013

Sunday Working but no Double Time!

John Crawford and Jo Roesen gave some  of their valuable Sunday time to start work on a temporary car park, within the main car park,  for the volunteers. The excavator was available to use, and John and Jo didn't want to waste the chance to get the job at least started.

Here is Jo's report and photos.

Not such exciting pictures this time, as there were only 2 of us, and John spent the whole day in his little digger scraping at a large pile of clay and what looked like fly tipped yellow earth, concrete and kerb stones (ie not GWR)

We got the pile removed and tipped at the other end, then a good start was made on levelling the proposed car parking area, after scraping off a layer of clay on top of the original earth surface. More remains to be done.

The temperature ranged from minus 4 at 9 am to a positively hot plus 2 when we knocked off at 3pm.

It was a good day’s use out of a digger which was on site anyway.

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