Thursday 31 January 2013

Broadway Moonlighters Serve Up Chocolate & Cream In The Flag & Whistle.

Peas in a Pod - Mike, Roger and Graham
I understand the Flag and Whistle refurbishment project is nearing completion, ready for a ceremonial opening by the Chairman in February. The Broadway Area Group has made a  contribution to the manning of the project, along with their Building Services chums, and  has resulted in a top quality job, delivered pretty much to time.

 Every detail has been finished to a  high standard and an investment made in modern fittings for the visitors to enjoy in the coming season.

Finally the work has been supervised by Ron Brislin and the purse strings by Maxine Barton-Hawkins.
Maxine - the painters pin-up


John Dyer said...

It looks great, although I would question the positioning and type of drinks cabinet - Irn Bru - which would perhaps feel more at home in LMS themed settings...


Chris Crump said...

I was in today, changing the lighting diffusers, and it really looks great. Well done the Picassos !! Chris Crump