Wednesday 7 November 2012

Wednesday 7th November 2012

I was AWOL today but that definitely didn't stop 20 Volunteers from making some real progress.
Here is Jo's summary and a selection of excellent photos.

11 ½ platform slabs laid, thereby finishing off the slabs on 2A, including the small one in the gap where the slope changes to level
45 small blocks laid, thereby finishing off the blockwork on platform 2
31 edging slabs placed i.e. all but one that were available. We are 4 – 5 edging slabs short.
Several piles of reds placed behind platform 2
Fencing completed by the road bridge
Further brick cleaning (Chris & Dave)
The roof has gone on to shed b
French drain completed with rubble behind platform 2

The dumper has been taken to the garage at the end of the day.
All the cement has been used up – again !

Retaining slabs going in behind 2A

Bricks being stacked for the start of Platform2

Slabs going on 2A

The last one goes on!
2A now ready for infill

Chez Marguerite's Extension

Sun Sets on a long Day - Terry and Rod plod homewards - tired but happy (I hope !)
 Thank you one and all - see you Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Also, Richard (& Fairview) deserve a big "Thank you", we couldn't have done it without them.


Anonymous said...

I bet it won't be long before Graham & Mike get their paint brushes out to paint the white line on 2A !