Sunday 11 November 2012

Saturday 10th November 2012

Pleasant weather and team of 8 volunteers made for some good progress today.

The most pleasing event was the laying of the first bricks on Platform 2.
Here Bob W and Clive in action.  Progress will be very dependent on the winter weather but we will aim to get it finished by March 2013.

The finishing touches were made to the 2A rear slabs - 3 were added and then the infill behind the slabs started at the southern end.

We were able to achieve this with assistance of Steve Warren and the JCB. 

More ballast was loaded behind platform 2 to provide a level surface for the bricklayers to work from.

The last job of the day was to layer some ballast on the low spots on the adjacent trackbed. We cannot allow it to become a quagmire during the winter months - we need to keep working!

Thanks to Dave B and Stuart W for there work cutting back the vegetation by the Goods Shed.

Thanks too,  to the 4 slab sponsors who came to visit us today. It gives a much needed boost to our coffers which will need all the boosting they can get to continue our building programme through the winter.

And a footnote, Jo's quest for retrieve as many Broadway Station artifacts as he can, was rewarded today with the uncovering of what looks like a running in board post. We will have to call him Steptoe I think!


Jo said...

The running in board post was found buried 20 yds from where it once stood, next to the platform 2gents. Alas it is snapped in half, but such an interesting archaelogical find. It had been bulldozed in 1963 right across the waiting room site to underneath the former footbridge, then buried 2ft deep.
The search for replacement running in board posts continues.

Anonymous said...

'Friends of Leamington Spa station' recently had some GWR running-in Boards made for Leamington station- I think the foundry was in the West Midlands area.... check out their website for details.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Friends of L.Spa had 2 benches made plus 2 GWR running in boards. Total cost £10,500

Jo said...

Thank you for the Leamington Spa suggestion. It's always very interesting to hear of the solutions people have found.
There is a firm out there that will make you anything, but at a high price, as shown.
The art for us at Broadway is to find a more affordable solution, without compromising authenticity. EG I am making a new, double GWR bench for £400. It can be done. We would be interested in a source of reproduction GWR lamp posts that suits our very modest resources (or else sponsors !)

Anonymous said...

Are the College lads helping with the platform brickwork this time ?