Wednesday 14 November 2012

14th November 2012 and the Wednesday Gang Excel!

The 20 volunteers today worked flat out on sunny Autumn day and great progress was made.

 B&D Workmate comes in handy!
The extension to Marguerite's Shed is coming along a treat. Marguerite was unwell on Saturday and was unable to attend but I'm sure the progress made will cheer her up enormously. The two Peters managed to get the roof completed and start the cladding of the walls.

A rare sight Clive sitting down -
 he's usually the last man standing!

From a bricklaying point of view  two teams were laying bricks on Platform 2 and we now have a course over the full length plus  4 courses on the southern end.

Back on 2A a no less a task was proceeding with the shifting of hardcore from the far end of the car park in the dumper and laying it along the back of 2A as infill.  Breaking the large pieces up with a lump hammer is similar to working on the chain gang!

You can hear the joints complaining here!

The hardcore was retrieved from where we could on site, which has the dual role of clearing the site of spoil and helping to build up the infill.

The Phone box got its locks fitted today. Here Mike is squared up to make sure the drill doesn't wander.

Finally a lovely end of day shot with the sun shining on Platform 2A. Gordon in a contemplative pose and his theodolite in his hand!

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard today. Thanks again to Jo and his pictures - they do indeed paint a thousand words and of course non of the pictures show all the work that Jo does in between times.


richard said...

The view of the platforms in last shot shows how really impressive Broadway is looking

Bill said...

Thank you - it's a credit to the enthusiasm and determination of the volunteers.