Thursday 6 September 2012

A Thursday Special!

Before starting the footings of Platform 2 it was necessary to retrieve the site power cable from behind the existing foundations. Steve Warren with his JCB was the man for the job with our man Jo Roesen acting as observer/bank man.  Here is the job mid way with the cable clearly exposed.

At times it was necessary to resort to hand digging - here Steve is at the "connection" with Platform 2A.

The cable was finally exposed for the full length of the next 60m section of Platform 2.  The next job was to refill the trench in with the spoil, so that a new platform footing trench can be pulled next week, with the cable well out of the way.

Steve did it with time to spare and was able to load some ballast into the southern end of 1B, ready for levelling on Saturday. Thanks Chaps!

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