Sunday 9 September 2012

A Photo Opportunity!

Here is a super photo by Jo of Robin Elliott. Robin is a long serving member of the GWR Volunteers and the Broadway Group in particular. He has worked tirelessly, firstly to recover the bricks from the Wisley Sewage works, and then to clean them back on site at Broadway. Many, many thousands of bricks have passed through Robin's hands.
The picture that says it all - thanks Robin


chris2600 said...

Watching all your efforts from afar
(Canada).Congratulations on great Team work.
When the Swanage Railway Project got underway in a period of high unemployment they had the assistance of the MSC.Should Heritage Railways ask for more?

Bill said...

Thanks for your support from afar! the MSC is new to me - perhaps you can enlighten me!

Richard said...

I believe the Canadian contributor is talking about the Manpower Services' Commission, a non-departmental public body created in 1973 under Ted Heath's goverment. It became closely associated with the Youth Training Scheme and various other programmes intended to help alleviate the high levels of unemployment in the 1980s.

Bill said...

Thank you!