Wednesday 12 September 2012

Wednesday 12th September 2012 - Platform 2 Proceeds!

One more tap John
Having cogitated on the design for the signal box footing we have decided to proceed with the next 65m of platform 2 wall and leave a gap temporarily for the signal box foundations. With autumn/winter around the corner we cannot spin our wheels any longer before moving on with the platform structures. We therefore had Graham Morrison in to dig the trench today, and pour the concrete tomorrow. It means we can continue wall building in 2 weeks time.

How many volunteers does it take to fit
a lamppost socket - 4 it would seem!
At the other end of the site John Crawford and gang put in the 5th lamppost socket on 1B. All we need is a matching lamppost to fill the hole - any ideas?!

Roger J putting the finishing red oxide touches
to the K6

The job was finished by the end of the day -
 the audience seem to have got bored!
Talking of Lampposts Jo and Roger had a rest from telephone box refurbishment to strip down and repaint lamppost no 4, recovered from Winchcombe last week - they are gluttons for punishment!

I wouldn't be the one to say he's missed a bit!

Roger Brindley, short of a brick or slab to lay, decided to point up the slabs laid last week.

A warm welcome to Ron Taylor a new recruit to the Broadway Volunteers. He got landed with brick cleaning duties, with Chris and David giving him a steer on techniques. Thanks for your contribution today Ron - I hope we haven't put you off!


A team of 5 set to for a final push on knocking down the last section of wall. What a terrific effort this has been.


Anonymous said...

Re: Lampost. There is one that looks to be the same still extant at the remains of Puxton station between Bristol and Weston Super Mare. The platform on the down side is demolished back to the lampost. So it is right on the Network Rail boundary (not sure which side) perhaps not the easiest to get but you know what they say about beggars and choosers
The station site is in Private ownership.

Bill said...

Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

you asked for ideas about the lampposts... Forgive me if you've already thought of this but, since aesthetically it would be much more pleasing if all the lampposts were of the same type, have you considered getting a batch of replicas produced? I know there is at least one company (Steelway - in Wolverhampton) that has the patterns to produce various models of GWR lampposts and has done so for the West Somerset, Severn Valley and for the restoration of Moor St station in Brum. Perhaps this could be the object of a new blog appeal along the lines of the K6 50/50 club?

Bill said...

I will give it some thought, although they are costly items.

Neil said...

So you are leaving a GAP in the platform for the signalbox. Sounds par for the course on the GWSR.

Now the Chicken Curve GAP is no more, perhaps you should lay a track panel or two for the Permanent Way guys to aim at!!!!!

Seriously, keep up the great work.