Wednesday 15 August 2012

The K6 50/50 Club

Nearly there generous Supporters only 2 memberships left - when they're gone there gone! - help us if you can!

Our K6 Telephone Box is stripped down and ready to restore. We are hoping to do this over the next 3 months so that it is weatherproof  by the time Winter comes. The external refurbishment requires special paint, safety glass, cast iron frames and brass rivets. Its an expensive business and more than we should consider taking out of our scarce  BAG funds, which have been raised for vital infrastructure costs in rebuilding the railway. Nevertheless we are keen to renovate the K6 box. It will be one of the many artifacts of interest  at Broadway.

We are therefore starting a K6 50/50 Club for a limited number of members who are prepared to pay £50.50 as a  one off membership.. Your membership will be recorded on a brass plaque on the Box which will remain there for posterity. The membership is limited to 20 people.

Please help us if you can!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

I think the telephone box "thermometer" is great!

How do we go about joining the K6 50/50 club?


Bill said...

Hi Terry,
It's the first 20 people who are prepared to donate £50.50p through the donate button or by cheque to the address on the broadwaystation website or by cash on site. The 50p is so I can distinguish these donations from others. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!

Jo said...

Progress report:
I have stripped the outside of paint on all 4 sides and the roof, applied a coat of rust converter, and a coat of primer. The box is now brick red! I have removed the modern interior, to reveal a foundry mark on the inside rear panel : 6 LF/2. I believe this is a code for the year of manufacture from Lion Foundry, but I don't know which one.
It is for the next stage that we need to spend some money on parts: some genuine Post Office Red paint, toughened glass panels, and the frames that hold them in - there are 72 in all!
Please help - then the box will be weathertight for the winter.
We are still interested in a genuine Button A / Button B coin box; so any offers would be gratefully received.

Roy said...

It actually 2 memberships left. I signed myself up today. I'm from the UK but live in the USA and I follow the "steaming to broadway" blog every week. You guys have achieved so much I just felt I had to make a small contribution

Bill said...

Quite right Roy. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great to see that the phone box has now been totally sponsored, thank you everyone who kindly donated, it really is appreciated.