Friday, 17 August 2012

Wednesday 15 th August 20012 - It Helps to be a little bit Crazy!

The weather was atrocious on Wednesday - I know that because I was driving to Wales where the roads were like rivers!
Nevertheless it did not stop the volunteers from doing their best to ignore it. As I was AWOL I can only give you this posting in picture form, but they tell 1000 words!


 A team of 6:-
Roger absolutely determined to finish the corbelling on the 2A Ramp

Steve B makes a  buttress on 1B out of old Sleepers
A very wet Peter H and Tony managed to lay 7 slabs at the back of 1B

Not quite in the dry but Mike finds some shelter in the lamp hut
As does Peter Q!

Paul, Rod and Andy clearing space for lorry access

 A team of 7!

Just about clear for access
I think you'll find they've gone Andy!

Thanks everyone!

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