Thursday 7 June 2012

Wednesday 6th June 2012

No they haven't just arrived from Eastern
Europe, just sheltering from the frequent downpours!
Sunshine and showers plus some real downpours sums up today's weather. However 12 volunteers set to on a variety of tasks.

At the head of list as ever was platform 2A. 
If I have a concern there will not be sufficient brick laying left for the Worcester College Lads to do when they return next week!

Brick cleaning continued at both ends of the site and a big push on output means we may have enough cleaned bricks  to complete 2A. 

Here Peter Q takes time out to paint a new A board that he has crafted. This is to be part of our growing stock of advertising  paraphernalia. 

Jo, as ever willing to slog away at sanding the old paint from anything, removed more layers of paint from the K6. He has also removed the back board, ready to re construct to a pre  60's specification. 

Finally yours truly tries to explain the next job with a drawing - the blank faces around me showed I failed miserably!

Don't forget its the  free Routemaster bus service this weekend. Why wouldn't you want a trip on this lovely old girl?


nigelss said...

Please could you take a picture of the drawing in the last photo above and post it so we can all have a look? Looks interesting!


nigelss said...

Sorry - it's not the last photo but it's the only one with you holding a drawing! Doh!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think the reduced quantity of photos showing advances in progress and general vista of the site are having an impact on the viewing numbers for the Blog?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the endeavour, a daily visitor to the Blog and a financial supporter, however the paucity of information on future plans and the reducing quantity (and quality) of images falls below the excellent expectations set a couple of months back. I raise this as a concern regarding future fund-raising.

Jo said...

I'm a bit mystified by this last comment ( "the reduced quantity of photos showing advances in progress and general vista of the site" ) because with the exception of Monday June 4th - an additional day, on which we don't normally work - every posting has had advances in progress and vista shots. I was there !
In fact progress continues at a steady pace, and every working day sees the station a bit nearer to its final goal. The only thing that could potentially slow us down is lack of funds for the next stage.
If any viewer would like a particular shot of something they feel is not well enough highlighted, do say so, and I will photograph it.

richard said...

Having seen Broadway for real a few weeks ago the photos posted on this blog do show as accurately as a photo can the amount of work the team have put in, the photos also show in my view the great team spirit, motivation and moral.

Bill said...

Thanks for the comments above....
In response to Anonymous can I say that the drop in viewers has happened before when one of our projects is in mid completion (as is platform 2A at the moment). They will return as the next project comes on stream.
As far as the photographic content of the blog is concerned, it has never been better both in terms of quantity and quality. If there is progress to be recorded it has a blog entry in words and pictures. Overlaid across this are pictures and comment about the most important part of rebuilding Broadway, the Volunteers. They work tirelessly to deliver that which is asked of them. Sometimes progress seems slow because we are inevitably constrained by the funds available.

To all followers, please keep the faith and we will reach our goal of steam returning to Broadway,