Thursday, 31 May 2012

Wednesday Gang in Action 30th May 2012

A great turn out of Volunteers today, with 18 troops on duty. Although Platform 2A is the main focus at the moment a great deal of hard work is going on around it to keep bricks cleaned and supplied. Here we see the concentrated efforts of Clive, Ron Briz and Bob W working on the next section.
Here, viewed looking southward the next course of blues is laid on the northern end - Bob Jones in action in the foreground and in close up - nice photo Jo.

Elsewhere on site the coping slabs are being added to the rest of  1 and 1B. Here Roger, Terry, Peter and Rod in action with Richard at the controls of the HIAB.
The K6 phone box began to get the TLC that it needs. Gord and Jo are here seeing the funny side of getting grime in every orifice sanding down the old paint. Its an interesting renovation project and one of  many that we will undertake by the time paying passengers arrive.

We are gearing up on  carpentry skills and here Peter Q is making a lovely job of some "A" sign Boards for advertising. I did see the end result and they are spot on.

 Finally and most importantly the end of day chat and still smiling! Everyone turned their hand to the most needed jobs today and it didn't go un-noticed. I know my volunteer chums think I wander around in a dream, but all the hard work yesterday was much appreciated


SWrural said...

Some of the restoration web sites could learn a lot from this one. In fact I detect evidence of learning from it on the main GWSR site. The GWSR coach one is very good and the PW and Site clearance as well.

Of course perhaps you might be grateful that they don't all realise this, as your contributions could be fewer!

Bill said...

The more the merrier!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations everyone for your marvelous efforts, keep it going.

I notice the donation thermometer has gone upto £4,455, is this as a result of the open evening and your open garden day, Bill, or from other sources?

Bill said...

This is mainly from the open evening and continuing support from followers. Keep it up everybody!