Thursday 3 May 2012

Wednesday 2nd May 2012

We had a great turn-out today - 18 Volunteers were keen to see Platform 2A continue its progress. Unfortunately the Worcester College lads couldn't come because their supevisor had a meeting! what a liberty!Nevertheless great progress was made.

By the end of the day a complete set of level 2 blocks were in place and filled. A brilliant job.

On other fronts, frantic blue brick cleaning was in progress to try and replenish our stocks. To give you an idea of our current shortfall,  we require 4,500 blues to complete 2A, we have 1500 cleaned and ready, and today 4 people working flat out cleaned 200 bricks. Its quite a challenge!

Behind 1B we are dealing with a modest amount of water run off from a spring on the embankment.   A neat solution was found and by the end of the day the job was done.

Back on 1A preparation work continues on the 4 lamp posts. Here Jo, brush in hand gives them a final undercoat.

 At the end of the day the job was done. We are now keeping our fingers crossed for a couple of dry, sunny days to finish them off. Where has the sunshine gone!

The the Broadway Shed (Chez Margurites!) was open for the first time today, on a Wednesday, thanks to some help from Jo's definitely better half Hilary. We plan to open most Wednesdays now, throughout the summer. Please come along and support us. We now have a superb stock of railway books for sale.

And finally, an end of day gathering,  tired, but still smiling,  Volunteers at their best.


steve adkins said...

Brilliant to see the station progressing so well!

Anonymous said...


In the picture of the good work to divert the spring water is what looks like blue bricks holding a wall/embankment back. If the earth was removed and relocated to a differnt site could you not consider to then reuse these bricks for 2a as an alternative to having to obtain bricks from another source.

Bill said...

Sorry for delayed response. These bricks in the old horse dock wall seem to have been super glued together. Any attempts so far have resulted in the bricks breaking before the joint.