Sunday, 27 May 2012

Saturday Sunshine

Its the first Saturday I have been AWOL for some time but it was for a  good cause, as I was helping my wife run an Open Garden event at home to raise money for the Prestbury Flower Arranging Club and the GWR Broadway Area Group.

Thankfully Jo Roesen was back in the saddle and was able to send me the following report and his usual fine set of photos:

There were 7 of us today, split into 3 teams of brick cleaning, brick laying, and brick ferrying, to keep the brick layers supplied. Brick stocks are visibly going down although my feeling is that there will be enough to 
finish off the current job.

Steve, Clive and Roger laid 3 courses of bricks on 2A over a length of about 10 yards. 

There is now a sizeable bump in the middle of the platform, which has reached the height of just under the first corbelling row.
A great shot of 2A the Ramp now appearing!
Lunch Travelling in Style
 Clive is having to stand on milk crates to see over the top, so that is quite an 
achievement in height!

Robin, Jim and Mike cleaned bricks all day. We ferried another cleaning station to the southern end, where a nice cool breeze was detected, as against the tea hut, which was a sauna.

Marguerite had an excellent day, with 120 pounds generated. Brilliant !

Thanks for the report Jo.

The Open Garden Event
I have to say my other half worked tirelessly to present our little bit of England to its best advantage. A steady stream of folk came along, had tea and excellent home made cake, had a wander around, saw where all the local garden centres are making their profits, and left contented( I hope)

The Assembled Crowd
A big thank you to the Prestbury Flowering Arranging Club who help to make it a successful day. £260 profit was made, half of which will be donated to BAG funds. Thank you Ladies.
The ever popular Raffle
Peter takes a reviving sip of the Darjeeling

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Jo said...

Aha, you spotted my lunch box in the dumper truck :)

It is a Belgian 2.5L Stracciacelli ice cream box, which perfectly holds two double bloomer sandwiches, and an apple. It was being taken to the cooler southern end of the site, where I got a chair out of the lamp hut, and sat in the shadow of platform one - hmmmmmmmmm. And this is supposed to be work?