Saturday 14 April 2012

Saturday 14th April 2012

Contrary to all the forecasts this week the weather stayed fine and 8 Volunteers set to at moving materials to the southern end of the site in anticipation of work starting on Platform 2A.

Here Mike, Roger and Bob unload the dumper with blues taken from the section of old platform unearthed on the the driveway side of the 1A embankment. Here Andy, forever with machinery in hand (either a chainsaw or chisel!) breaks up the old section of platform. Here an Action Clip also.

The first 3 courses of construction on 2A will be concrete blocks. It will require 600 to complete the first 40 metres. I hope the Worcester College lads have been going to the gym and eating their Weetabix during the Easter break - they will need all their stamina to get this completed during the summer term!

Here a rare picture of Jo Roesen (usually behind the camera) resting on the Dumper with one of many loads of blocks taken from the northern end of the site to the south.                                     

Here is the final full compliment of blocks with the  marked up 2A foundation line in the background.

Finally at the end of the day a cup of tea and putting the world to rights in the mess hut. This coming week will be one of those milestone weeks so keep watching the Blog for the latest news. I notice we are getting towards the 15000 views. Thanks everyone!

A Post Script:-
A Pair of King Pins


Anonymous said...

When will the platform slope on 1B be built?

Bill said...

Not Yet!