Wednesday 11 April 2012

Wednesday 11th April 2012 - Platform 2A is Started

A great turn out of 21 Volunteers today and we sensed that it was going to be a special day with the plan to start Platform 2A. It was all about turning the financial and moral support of all the blog followers over recent weeks, into actions that would hopefully show our appreciation, and determination to succeed. The master plan was too clear the rear of the old footings and thereby  create space for the JCB to work on Monday, but importantly to use the spoil to re-profile the embankment at the rear. Here work has started with the rear embankment gradually being shaped up by Ray L.
Once the fine work had been completed the 6T Dumper was use to remove the rest of spoil scraped from the old footings. Ron Briz said that filling the 6 Tonner was like filling a swimming pool and when you see how it dwarfs Ray you can understand why! By 4:20 the job was completed.
One of Jo's excellent videos showing the re profiling in action.

On the opposite side, the next 11 slabs were being placed on 1A. Only 5 to go now. Thank you to all the slab sponsors. The platform really looks great. We'll be painting the white line before you know it!

At the southern end of 1A we have set up some of the brick cleaning benches in readiness for bricklaying on 2A. Over a pallet load of Taunton bricks were cleaned today and ready for use.

Some further delving behind 1A uncovered some old sections of the platform wall. Here Any P sets to with an electric chisel to recover the valuable blues and there are really quite a few of them!

At the other end of the site Platform 1B had its finishing touches put to it before the slab laying  and lamp post sockets can be started. Its now ready to go and the slabs will be started whilst the the 2A footings are hardening up. Chris, David and Ron D continued with the brick cleaning by 1B. We will move the bricks up to 2A as they are required.

Finally a closing shot of  the 2A vista and the 1A slabs in place. what a days work! There are names I haven't mentioned in this post, but every volunteer on site worked their socks off today and its much appreciated.

When I got home today I was extremely pleased to receive two cheques, each of £500, one for Broadway 2A and one for the Slip appeal. These came from a great supporter of the Railway  and the Cotswolds and needless to say we are extremely grateful for such generosity.


Ken said...

I know Marguerite is looking for more storage space for her wares and I noticed the following on the EveshamPershore Freecycle site.

"OFFER: 8 foot square wooden shed (Weston Subedge)
I have a large shed which was supposed to be a summer house which I guess it is now as the front has had it,there are three good sides and roof,the base has been previously repaired. It will need someone to make a new front but there is a door,herd wood panelled interior door but it
would certainly do.

You will; need a lagre vehicle of a big roof rack and you dismantle it on the basis that if you break any glass on the greenhouse you will pay for it,but that should not be an issue with a bit of care. if you are interested ring me on 01386841805 thank you"

Jo, anyone, on the basis that Bill doesn't want the place looking like a Shanty Town, would someone local care to check this out.

richard said...

Bill, the work you and the team at Broadway have achieved so far in 2012 is outstanding. I have 18 May in my diary all being well I will be able to see this excellent work

Bill said...

Well done Richard- the more the merrier!