Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Saturday - 7th April 2012

12 Volunteers turned out today on a rather damp and overcast day. However work proceed on several tasks.
Graham Morrison had kindly left his 3.5 T Excavator for us to use for a few days and Ron enjoyed using his talents to clear out the inspection holes dug along the edge of the old 2A platform in order to more clearly see the condition of the footings. There is no doubt that part of it are sound and other parts less so. Darren Fairley is coming on Tuesday to give the footings a close scrutiny and advise how we must proceed. Watch this space!

The remainder of the crew worked on 1B and yes, the corbelling was finished - a great job by Bob White. While this work was proceeding  Steve Bucknall brought load after load of ballast infill along for behind 1B.. I don't know how many loads but it must have amounted to 30+.

Others drew the short straw to level the ballast - its back breaking work but someone has to do as they say!
And finally for today one of Jo's videos can be found here     Men At Work


Peter said...

Well, yes, but Easter Saturday is the Saturday after Easter Day, and this year is April 14th.

April 7th. 2012, the Saturday before Easter Day, is Holy Saturday.

Don't take my word for it. Ask the Archbishop of Canterbury, or anyone.

Don't mind me !

A Happy Easter, and keep up the good work !

Ken said...

Peter. I am sure you are correct. However, the 'Teachings' that WE tend to follow are those of Ron Briz.

Not that he had any involvement with the words posted.

Other pleadings are to the 'Rain Gods' to dispense their desires elsewhere on Wednesdays and Saturdays which, amazingly, for the most part, they tend to obey.

This evening, locally, seems to have been fine drizzle which, considering I rescued and replanted some wild roses behind 1A on Saturday, is not a bad thing.

As to whether they will survive? Only time will tell.

Dave said...

Ken, would those be the same kind of roses we were busily hacking down all along the trackside over 2winters (and getting well scratched in the process)? If so, be warned - they can grow to 10 ft or more with thorns like Stanley knife blades!

Jim Boyles said...

Soon be time for a Broadway Gardeners Group, at this rate! Sharpened weapons at the ready!

Ken said...

Dave. IDEA. Intertwine them through the railings. That way, if some thieving git tries to nick the metal, at least we'll have their DNA!

"Duelling trowels?" Nah. It doesn't have the same ring to it.