Wednesday, 4 April 2012

What a Great Response!!!!!

I cannot let another day go by without acknowledging the superb response to my appeal for a Blog subscription. Not only have members signed up to the subscription, but many more have sent in very generous donations as well. Thank you all.  I feel very proud to be associated with such a great group of supporters. We are almost at our target of £3000 for the funds to start the 2A foundations - I have no reason to doubt that we will meet this target.

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Anonymous said...

As a volunteer working at Broadway, I also want to echo Bill's comments and thank everyone who is supporting our efforts there.

It is very much appreciated by all us volunteers and we cannot thank you enough.

If you can make it to Broadway on a Wednesday or Saturday, we are always happy to chat and show you our progress. On Saturdays there is also the added bonus of looking in "The Shed" which Marguerite kindly runs for us, You never know what bargain you might find!

Once again, thanks to everyone supporting us, whether financially or not, and its great to see over 14,000 hits on Bill's blog - which is a real credit to him.