Thursday 29 March 2012

Wednesday 28th March 2012 Broadway

A hot sunny day and whist the majority of the volunteers were away at Taunton today, a team of 7 remained on duty to carry on with the corbelling work on 1B.Here Ray tries out the front stalls and offers words of encouragement!

At the southern end of the site there was a tidying up exercise going on in anticipation of moving on to 2A. Work can commence soon on the setting out the line of the foundations of 2A. We are hoping that the appeal to find £3000 to start the work on 2A will bear fruit. The prompt generosity of so many supporters has been brilliant, and we are 2/3 the way there. Thank you!

Thanks to Jim Boyle for the pics.

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Martin said...

Bill hi!
Dropped in at about 4.00pm yesterday (Wednesday) after a shift in C&W at Whichcombe, before by journey back to Surrey. It was teriffic to see in person as it were, the fantastic progress your team are making, although I follow the blog daily. it's not quite the same!
Congratulations to the Taunton Team.