Wednesday 21 March 2012

Wednesday 21st March 2012 - First Day of Spring!

First day of Spring and a sunny warm one as well. 18 Volunteers were on duty. Unfortunately the Worcester College lads were not with us today as their Supervisor was unable to attend. Nevertheless the main contingent of volunteers continue with 1B and the brickwork is almost finish! In addition the in filling behind the wall has started, having put some drainage pipe-work in. With the infill going in,the platform seems to take on a third dimension and we are able to visualize the end product.
The Platform 1B  Scene
Here Roger - Mr Corbeller makes sure that it's straight and true

At the other end of the site 11 more coping slabs were added to 1A. Richard from Fairview did his stuff with the hiab - as I've said before he lands them first time, every time! There are about 12 to go - I know everyone has been most generous with slab sponsorship but the remaining 12 are unsponsored and the sponsorship money pays for Richard's time. Any help will be much appreciated.

Chris Helm and David were joined by Robin Elliott who is not normally a Wednesday Volunteer but as he has to miss 2 Saturdays he was likely to get withdrawal symptoms and felt the need to come in for his adrenalin rush today!

Jo's photos are of there usual high standard and to put the cherry on the cake here is a great video showing whole  ballasting process . What it does show is the size of the the 1B extension and a feel for amount of work that's gone into the build. a major achievement for the Volunteers and the Worcester College lads -  Brilliant!

Note the Blogger software was determined not to work for me today - so if you have any problems viewing this entry, please let me know! Bill


Anonymous said...

2nd day of spring, a leap year!

Dave said...

Field of Dreams was on tonight, and its catchphrase seems most appropriate to the Broadway Project, "If you build it, they will come".
All the GWR stars of the past will once again visit.

Bill said...

I'm a believer!