Tuesday 28 February 2012

A Trip to Taunton

Steve testing the Mortar

The Wall  Perspective 1
John Crawford, Steve Bucknall, and Jo Roesen took a trip to Taunton today to look at some blue and red bricks that were on offer from the Old Railway yards at Taunton.

 The purpose of the visit was to assess the quality and quantity of bricks, their ease of extraction, and methods of transporting the final haul. It was a highly successful trip, which concluded that it would be entirely feasible to recover all of the bricks (possibly 4000) over 1 or 2 days if we go down mob handed.

The Wall Perspective 2

 We now have to complete a risk assessment and methods statement and  then recruit the mob! Well done today.


Ken said...

1 or 2 days? We have access to a generator and supplementary lighting!

Looking at the first photograph, DON'T invite Mr Andy (Fire Starter) Protherough. He would be TOO much in his element.

It certainly looks viable. The 'Logistics' require a sufficient number of pallets being 'donated' locally, together with rolls of 'shrink wrap'. The latter can be sourced from wherever.

Am I correct in thinking back that someone, a follower of the Blog, suggested creating a 'Tranport Fund'. Hazy memories following the passage of time but, if that was the case, then perhaps such is the time to inaugerate such an appeal amongst our followers.

Garry said...

It was good to meet the guys on site in Taunton yesterday. If you are after pallets, I will have a dig around our yard and see what I can find. I'm sure there a few kicking about the station site as a starter, and the housing scheme at the end of the road will undoubtedly have some to lose as they are wrapping up soon.


Ken said...

Cheers Garry

Having weighed a 'typical' Imperial Blue, it comes out at 4Kgs. Therefore 250 to the tonne.

A rough guess as to the u.l.w. of a 26 tonner (six-legger) 10-12 tonnes. Add a Hiab, another couple of tonnes (or so) and we are left with a payload of 10-12 tonnes.

So, not quite the anticipated 4000 bricks in a single load.

Garry said...

Spun past Taunton site today, looks like there are already 5 usable pallets as a starter on site waiting for the Broadway 'Army' to invade.

I'm looking to see if the remaining section of the wall (about the same length in total as the 2 short sections) can be revealed soon. I'll keep you posted.


Gavin said...

One question, will these bricks all be for the platforms or are some for the main building?
Cheers Gavin

Bill said...

Hi Gavin,
These bricks will be used for platform work.

Anonymous said...

Are we sure about the weight of a brick 4 kgs seems very heavy = 8.8 lbs? By the way when are you planning the trip down?

Anonymous said...

I can vouch for the fact that the blues weigh 4kg each, as we also weighed some the other day in connection with transporting some blues to site.