Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wednesday 4th January 2012

A great Team of 16 Volunteers turned out today. The number 1 priority was to repair the shed and get it back in a usable state. I had no expectation of the roof getting put back on today, but a remarkable effort saw a posse collect materials form Cotswold Building Supplies (they just about have everything in that shop!) and by fading light at 4 pm the job was just about completed. Marguerite will be so please!

Richard (Fairview) and Steve decide where the load is to go
Fairview Trading delivered some sand and cement to allow the building of 1B and the southern end of Platform 1 to continue.

Work on 1B continued today with the hollow blocks being filled with concrete 

Blocks were also laid to the most northerly part of 1B. The 1B build going remarkably well and remarkably quickly. The Worcester College lads will be back next
week and they will be laying blue bricks before you know it.

(Don't worry those hollow bricks will get filled!)
At the southern end  of Platform 1 Roger and Steve lay the final courses of corbelling.  Its a mini project that they have really enjoyed doing - we just need some sponsors for the 6 slabs to go on the top!?!


Ken said...

The one 'shot' that Jo missed today was of the two Military helicopters that passed our way.

Such are not infrequent visitors and often overfly to inspect progress. However, today, the first one came directly down the Track bed at about 200 feet. Am I allowed to say that?

Perhaps it was nearer 500.

His/her 'Wingman' followed closely but was behind the trees.

If they are reading this, and fancy a 'brew', there is ample room South of the bridge to 'set down'.

Gavin said...

How much per Slab

Jo said...

When I realised what the noise was I went for the camera, but my fingers were cold and - they were gone!
It was easier with a static scene, such as Richard and Steve discussing the relative merits of a Bulleid pacific v a GWR King :)

Bill said...

Hi Gavin,
We accept £20 per slab, for which you get a numbered certificate.

pwllyn-veg said...

Any thourghts about chasing Network Rail...there must be a lot of GWR bricks coming out of the Reading Station work....