Saturday 7 January 2012

Saturday in the Winter Sunshine

15 Volunteers on site today. What a glorious day it was with bright sunshine picking out the features of all building work completed in 2011. .
At the top of the list in terms of achievement was the return to normal of Marguerite shed, thanks to the efforts of Peter John B and Stuart W. It will be business as usual next Saturday - please come along!. Brilliant!

John C and Steve lovingly finished off the south end of Platform 1 and we will put some coping slabs on it next time Fairview are on site.

John Balderstone chats to John C on corbelling matters!
Always a welcome visitor John gives us a steer on all things structural
Work continued on Platform 1B. The Worcester College lads will be glad that the bulk of the hollow block work is done. They can start on the "proper" brick laying soon.

Here Mike and Ken check the levels - I hope that's not a worried look on Mikes face!
My roving photographer (Jo) did not reach the car park but 6 pyromaniacs kept the bonfires going, including Vic Smith on his monthly visit. A 180 mile round trip and he still comes back for more!

Brick cleaning continues - it never is finished. Robin was doing his bit - I don't know how he keeps going but his presence, with his wealth of knowledge and good humour, gives me a contented feeling of all is well with the volunteering world.
The brick cleaning regulars in the background - rarely mentioned but always working
A choice of photos to finish!

Here an end of day shot  of Platform 1 with the sun on the horizon.
Nice one Jo

And lastly Clive now going in for the most muck on the overalls competition.

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Anonymous said...

C & W have some contenders for mucky overalls. we don't need oily rags just rub the overall. I may have to try and get apicture or two