Wednesday 25 January 2012

Wednesday 25th January 2012

A day continuing the brick laying on Platform 1B, and gathering all the bricks together from around the site locating them adjacent to 1B, ready for use. Here the two Peters take a rest on the dumper, waiting for Steve B the driver to return from his cuppa. I don't know what we would do without the dumper - its such a good work horse.

The Worcester College Lads pressed on with the 1B build - I would say it's 35% finished, which is quite remarkable- it is a 40m wall after all!
Of course the Worcester Students work along side our own team, who keep a watchful eye on things generally, and most importantly keep the mixer going!

 Most professional brick layers have their favourite trowel - what comes a close second with Roger B is his mug of tea- always in arms reach!

A couple of nice videos again from Jo, one of the trials and tribulations of starting the dumper and a neat bit of reversing the dumper by new recruit Peter Young

Finally thank you to the GWSR Board Directors who visited us today - Bernard Dudfield, Neil Carr and Darren Fairley. It is always useful to chat about the issues of the day and of course the troops take great encouragement from the interest shown.


Anonymous said...

It's always great to see GWSR Board Directors taking a interest in what we are doing on site, and taking the trouble to introduce themselves and speak with the working volunteers.

I hope they were impressed!


Gavin said...

Bill can we have a new Appeal? something a bit bigger? dont know what tho? Any ideas?


Bill said...

Hi Gav,
There will be new appeal (larger) but I will have to get it approved by the Board. Watch this space! Bill

Darren Fairley said...


Always impressed with the progress at Broadway and it is keeping us on our toes trying to plan ahead with the increasing and impressive pace. Well done to all.

It was nice to be able to visit with everyone there, normally I pass through most weeks in the very early hours of the morning or dusk. Sorry we couldn’t stay a bit longer, hopefully next time.


James said...

This blog (especially the photography) just gets better and better.

What an amazing project — well done all.

Anonymous said...

Why not start an appeal to re-purchase the broadway goods shed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gavin said...

I didn't think they sold it in the end??

Bill said...

Don't get me started on this one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill. Whats your opinion on the sale of the Goods shed?

Bill said...

I can only refer you to my old blog entry on the subject. I'm afraid it's done and dusted now and we have to move on.

Jim Boyles said...

Hi Bill,

Re your last comment, I believe a previous contributor mentioned that it is now not possible to access older posts by month, only older posts by scrolling and scrolling.....
Where can I find your "old blog entry" on this subject?