Tuesday 24 January 2012

1A - We Move Things Along!

A special team of volunteers turned out today in order to support the JCB with back filling 1A. This had to be done on a day when there were not too many bodies about to get in the way of the frequent trips the JCB had to make from the North end of the site, in order to skim the ballast of the track bed and dump it behind 1A. As part of this process we have incorporated "sockets" to install the lamp posts and ducting for the wiring.

Terry doing battle with the Roller
 Levelling the ballast is extremely tiring work and I take my hat off the the lads who did it - they deserve medals. Here are  a few of Jo's photos of the work in progress:-

Knackered - I should say so!
Peter and Steve

How big was that fish John?

And last but not least a couple of videos - Thanks Jo!


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