Sunday 29 January 2012

Saturday 28th January 2012

I hate missing Saturdays at Broadway - it's a day full  of the simple pleasures of being in company of like minded chums, doing our bit to bring Broadway Station to life, and generally putting the world to rights. This Saturday I was struck down with  a bug and was unable to attend. Nevertheless I had loads of feedback on the progress made, and I thank everyone for their contribution and good wishes.

The generous contributions to our 1A Appeal have spurred us on for a final push to finish it off. The work this week has been focused on getting the lamp post sockets, ducting and cable routes sorted out. Here we see John C and Steve B concreting in the base of the plywood boxes that will form the "socket" for the lamp post bases.

More bricklaying was carried out on 1B, which seems to grow whenever my back is turned! Roger, now bitten by the corbelling bug, turned out today as well as his usual Wednesday. Together with Clive and Ken work continues and here is a particularly good "aerial" shot by Jo of the 1A vista.

The sight for sore eyes today was Dot the Drott back in action! Steve took the old girl down into the car park to start the levelling of the northern end. The plan is to get this end of the car park in a suitable state for the Volunteers to park their cars when building work starts on the Station proper.

I missed several visitors  today. Sorry about that! Amongst them was Greg Wigg who brought us a  super repro Broadway Totem.

I also missed my fellow blogger from Carriage and Wagon. Sorry about that Peter - hope to see you again soon.

Lastly the car park clearance has become a labour of love for a few and  at the head of the crusade is Andy Protherough whose determined efforts over the Winter months has totally transformed it.
 Andy sent me the following photo which nicely sums up the transformation. The other car park crusaders are Dave Bowie who whilst being chief fire starter and fire feeder keeps a close eye on  our conservation strategy in this area. An honourable mention also for John Simms who has been ditching for us for the past couple of Saturdays. Thanks to everyone who came yesterday - I will be back on duty next week - wild horses won't keep me away!


Toddington Ted said...

Bill, I hope your'e feeling better soon; I have been off with nothing more than a very bad cold for the last 3 days but, as a bloke, it's been hell and I missed out on visiting the 2012 GCR steam gala this weekend! The Broadway repro totem looks superb. It's interesting to try and find out how many stations were actually provided with these very collectable totems (some originals make crazy prices) as there is no photographic evidence that these totems were ever provided at any of the current and past GWSR stations. I believe Malvern Road and St James got them but I have never seen any photographic evidence at any other stations like Toddington, Winchcombe, Bishops Cleeve or Broadway. That said, they do "look the part!"

Bill said...

Thanks for the good wishes.
The Totem does look great in the pic - I haven't yet got my hands on it!

Peter said...

Bill sorry to have missed you On Saturday. The shed was out of forms for slab sponsorship but can this also be gift aided?

Bill said...

Sorry to have missed you also. We do not gift aid the slabs as the money would have to go via the Trust which can take some time to return to us. In this case we prefer to turn the funds around immediately into materials.

Gavin said...

That totem looks great, as does the car park area.