Wednesday 1 February 2012

Wednesday 1st February 2012

Bitter cold weather did not stop 25 volunteers and students turning out today. It was too cold for bricklaying but, conscious of the need to replenish our brick stocks, everyone turned there attention to seeking out as many bricks as possible. The heap of Honeybourne spoil has been a source of several thousand bricks for us. I though the pile in the car park had been pretty much exhausted - but not so! Here the  Worcester lads with tutor Martyn toiled all day to create several Drott(yes Drott) loads which were moved up to site for cleaning.

Here comes a load  for cleaning. I have to say I have developed a warm love/hate relationship with Dot but here I am talking to Steve B who has a similar view as myself! What we didn't get in the Drott we got in many trips with the dumper (see below).

The brick cleaning gang expanded to 5 today, which was a great  effort, because bricks were coming in from so many sources, including a team working on the old platform 2 Waiting Room. I know you will be thinking that maybe we will have enough bricks to be going on with - well I can only repeat we will never have enough to do the full platform build. I would  like to thank all the people who have answered my call for brick sources (thanks Garry!). Please keep your eyes peeled everyone.

Master Brick Cleaner Chris Helm

Master Dumper Driver Rod Whitcombe

Volunteers Motto  

"The Journey is the Destination"

Well done today everyone!

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Gavin said...

When you say full platform build, do you mean platform 1 or both platforms?

Are there no sources along the line of bricks? For instance at old Bishops cleeve station site? or further north?

Cheers Gavin