Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wednesday 21st December 2011 - The Shortest Day Hurrah!

We planned to have a day off today, but a few urgent jobs brought a small posse in! The jobs were completed quickly and so the group dispersed by lunchtime. However  a couple of die-hards worked on with Andy P in the car park. More good progress I think!

The "join" between 1 and 1B
Only one picture today - Clive is going for the most photographed Broadway Volunteer. This is not vanity - he just doesn't get out of the way quickly enough. The picture does emphasise the height of the platform wall.


Anonymous said...

On the picture it says the join between 1 and 1A. is this not at the other end next to 1B???

Bill said...

Sorry your quite right - an end of day typo!

Jim Boyles said...

Hi Bill, I think you're forgiven - your fingers need a Christmas Break!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas to you and all of the other hard working guys at Broadway.
You deserve particular thank you for keeping the web site up to date with all the latest news and pictures.
Ian H.