Sunday 18 December 2011

Saturday 17th December 2011

It's a terrible thing when the Strictly Come Dancing Final gets in the way of your blog report!

It was a very good turn out yesterday even though the cold weather put a block on any brick laying. The volunteers split into two groups - those who wanted to sweat it out by the car park bonfire, and those who wanted to continue construction, albeit with pick and shovel!

Here Ken and John set to with laying drainage pipes behind  1B. This lateral drainage peculates through to pipes that take water  through the foundations across to a planned new centre drain.

Here the dumper unloads bricks ready to build the 1B wall proper. These are stacked in convenient piles along the length of 1B in order to keep the bricklayers going at a steady pace.

Here Clive's wishes the dumper could stack the bricks as well as drop them over the wall. All in all it was another great effort and will facilitate a fast start by the Worcester College lads in January.

Here are some very good shots from Jo who, as with all the photos today has a good eye for both candid shots and good perspective.

A photo that shows you everything that is good about volunteering

Four wheels off my wagon - Chris H barrows some items for refurbishment at home no metals are left on site
The extended Platform 1 nearing completion

Wrapping the pipe to keep the fines out.

A GWSR Young Volunteer eyes up the prospect for he and his colleagues in a few years Brilliant!
And the best picture of the day- Platform 1A from the south in the Winter sunshine
Never mind smell the coffee , smell the steam!


Andy Protherough said...

Just a quick MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY 2012 to ALL the Broadway Pioneers. It has been a great pleasure working alongside you all during the past 15 months and I truly look forward to another very satisfying 12 months bringing Broadway Railway station back on the map. CHEERS to you all! Andy 'chainsaw' P.

SWrural said...

A daft question perhaps, what is the life expectancy of the pines (if that#s what they are).

Bill said...

Hi Howard,
Not daft at all, one has already died and is due to be cut down shortly, and others don't look too clever. we shall just have to see.

Jim Boyles said...

Hi all,

I sure I won't be the last to congratulate you on your achievements this year. You've come a very long way since inheriting an overgrown, desolate station site.

I, like many others, will want to wish you ALL "A Very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year" - you all deserve a break.

I'm looking forward to seeing the results of 2012's efforts as well and really do hope to be onsite to lend a hand (finally)!

All the very best.......

Toddington Ted said...

Can I also add my seasonal greetings to all the people who have worked so hard to transform Broadway Station site this year, and in the previous restoration years. 2011 has been a momentous year of progress for the Broadway Station site and this has not happened by accident. I look forward to visiting soon and seeing the progress in 2012. Well done all!
Regarding the pine trees at the Station (which will either be Corsican or Scots Pines - I'm not sure which!) these would, as you know, have been planted when the Station was built in 1904 and was common GWR practice. However, some will have not stood the years well and will undoubtedly need to be felled. I do hope some can remain though as they are a link with the past and a pine tree in good condition should last another 100 years at least.