Sunday 11 December 2011

Car Park Clearance

Andy P has sent me the following photos showing the before and after of the clearance along the ditch on the west side of the path.


SWrural said...

Is this on the north west side of the bridge (i.e. other side of line from the caravan park)? I noticed a kissing gate on Google Street View but also a notice saying 'keep out'. I could not blow up the owner - so, do GWSR own it?

SWrural said...

I meant of course, the owner's name, not the owner!

Anonymous said...

No chance of reducing our CO2 emissions judging from the amount of smoke being generated from the various bornfires. Your not being environmentally friendly. Why could you not have composted or chipped the material.

Toddington Ted said...

Looking at the photos, all the larger pieces of wood and logs etc are being kept for use on wood-burning stoves; only the brash is being burned by the look of it. I think they are being very environmentally friendly - I would have flamed-throwered the lot!

Anonymous said...

"Your not being environmentally friendly."

Could you offer any scientific evidence to back up your assertion?

And if so, try communicating in English.

The word "your" is a second person possessive personal pronoun.

On the other hand a literate person might have constructed the sentence using "You're" as in the second person singular of the present indicative of the verb to be.

Hey, alternatively... just remove yourself from this part of the blogosphere... mumper. This is a community of positive individuals making a valuable difference to their community. Your kind of negative, unevidenced whining is distinctly unwelcome.

Bill said...

Keep it friendly followers. All opinions are valued.

We do more than most to recycle everything we can, including the platforms we build, the ballast we use and the trees that are cut down. You will notice some trees marked with a K - these are valued deciduous trees that we will keep as features in the new car park. The railway owns the land to the west as far as, and including the ditch.

Jim Boyles said...

As an aside on the intended new car park. I am told that all of this land was used for railway worker's allotments. There are still the remains of the hut, down at the Childswickham Road end, where they used to keep various tools, etc.,

Ken said...

I'd read the comment as being 'tongue in cheek' but to answer the question.

The objective is to 'remove' the organic material rather than 'improve the soil'. Hence composting, at whatever future date, would result in Transport costs and the additional use of fossil fuels. Similarly, 'chipping' involves the use of fuel driven machinery and would also incur a cost burden relating to the disposal.

As Ted has noted, the more usable material has been cut into manageable portions and, whilst we haven't exactly attached a note to the effect, we fully expect them to be 'removed' for the benefit of local residents.

Anonymous said...

Well said Bill. And a great answer Ken.

Cool heads and peaceful thoughts to all Blog followers.

Merry Christmas!,

Ken said...

To answer Howard, who seems to have been overlooked following later postings.

Yes. You are correct in assuming such. It's a little of the 'two edged sword' syndrome. (Is that the correct expression?) The 'locals' have for many decades used it as footway for dog walking, etc, but as we are now operating machinery on site, we are obligated to consider Insurance liabilities.

Not wishing to alienate the local populace (the last thing we want to do) we don't enforce the restriction and, to their credit, most, if they see us working on the pathway, divert up to the track bed and complete their ambulation thus wise.

The Geography of the locale is that there are a number of ‘Park Homes’ sites in Childswickham and the nearest retail outlet (for them) is the Petrol Station and General Store adjacent to the Station entrance. Hence the ‘footpath’ through the intended Car Park is the shortest route for those seeking daily essentials.

And many are happy to simply stop and chat. A diversion often welcomed.

SWrural said...

Thanks for the answer Bill (ownership). The old OS map shews a non-adopted footpath, I suppose that was for the allotment holders.

Actually the posting flame up (sorry no pun intended) did actually have the benefit of sowing an idea for good PR. If residents could use the wood, they would mind the noise and disturbance of construction less.

That last point has occurred to me when I see (and hear?) the videos.

Does the bus pass the station? I noted a very poor service to other points on the railway and this is an aspect that needs planning for. I know, you have enough to think about! All the best, Howard

Jim Boyles said...

The 559 bus to/from Evesham passes the station, several times a day and used to also call at Childswickam, on certain journeys. Unfortunately it no longer at the latter. However a new service (R1) runs between Broadway-Childswickham-Evesham and return but only on Weds and Fri.

As for recycling, I have taken more than one pail of bonfire ash to use on my garden!

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to say that, whilst we were working in this area, several locals have come along and asked if they could take the cut up trees.

We were only too happy for this to happen.

I can also confirm that when I have been working near Childswickham bridge, recovering bricks from the Honeybourne station, invariably the people passing have stopped for a chat and have been supportive.

PS, I hope my grammar is OK!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like constructive criticism to promote healthy debate. Unfortunately some people just don't like it when the blog is used to post a different perspective to their entrenched views about the developments that are taking place. Everybody has a right of "Free Speech" so please respect a contrary view. You could argue that reopening the railway to Broadway will not actually help the wider community by providing any alternative mode of transport to the car/bus as the GWR goes from nowhere to nowhere. It certainly cannot provide a commuter service or link easily into the National Rail network. Having said all that given time and money there is no reason why it cannot be a reality in the near future. The only question is how long will we have to wait and will there be a viable affordable railway network when it happens.

Bill said...

I think that's a fair airing of the subject!
As I said earlier all views are welcome on the Blog but let's draw a line there.

Anonymous said...

There is a Park & Ride service operating from Cheltenham Racecourse to the town centre, so it is possible that this could be an alternative commuter option with forethought and planning.

The Park & Ride service is commercially run by Stagecoach and operates up to a 10 minute frequency.


Dave said...

That's true, Terry, but it's a long walk from the station to the Park & ride bus. OK if the weather's good and you're fit, but it will discourage a lot of people.