Saturday 10 December 2011

Saturday 10th December 2011

Well it was a different day  for most us - On site in the morning and over at the Flag and Whistle to see the draw of the winning raffle tickets for Ian Gibson's wonderful water colour painting.

 Great work was  done in car park with Any P staying ahead of the bonfire gang with the chain saw. I will try and get some photos posted of all of the work that is going on in the car park area - its quite something.

Marguerite continues to work wonders at the Shed - here she sells an Australian Christmas tree to a suspicious customer (Fred Lea).

The water colour in all its glory with an old master
Photos by Jo
The Mayor talks to Ian Gibson and
his wife
Over at Toddinton the Raffle Draw took place withe Mayor(James Bulman) and Mayoress of Evesham taking time out to pick the tickets This raffle was well supported - thanks to everyone who entered - it takes us that bit further along the road.

It was a happy well attended gathering, with Ian Gibson and his wife were there to see the painting went to a good home! Here are the motley crew in unfamiliar circumstances - ie sitting down!


Jim Boyles said...

I'm honoured! My picture has finally appeared in the blog! Photo 3 - no not the Mayor - the fellow lurking in the background (rather suspiciously, I feel)!

Anonymous said...

I am pleased that the draw went so well and I am sure we managed to raise some valuable funding.

Many thanks to Ian for his generosity and to the Mayor & his wife for coming along and conducting the draw. Also thanks to everyone who did there bit in organising the event and selling the tickets

I was at Broadway after the draw and the Mayor and his wife came to the site and had a conducted tour, thanks to Ken. I hope they enjoyed their visit to see our progress, they are obviously very supportive of the project.