Wednesday 16 November 2011

Wednesday 16th November 2011 A Lamp Hut Obsession!

I have been away from Volunteering duty this week, but progress on site has been none the worse for that!. My obsession with lamp huts knows no bounds as a third one was delivered today, thanks to Fairview once again. It came from Long Marston and will be used in a temporary capacity as a storage unit until we get time to refurbish it. I must thank Greg Wigg from the GWR Restoration and Archiving Trust %20who who facilitated this acquisition. Greg is a wealth of knowledge on all matters GWR and is great help to us.
At last the Honeybourne coping slabs have been delivered on site. The lads were thinking I had imagined them! Amey brought 2 loads (overloads??) and they have been stacked adjacent to 1A where they will be deployed shortly. Quite a significant feat I think  - Honeybourne blues and reds in the wall and the slabs on top. That's what you call recycling, heritage style.

Platform 1A is nearing completion and what a fine sight it is. just a few more courses of corbelling to go. It really has been a remarkable achievement by the construction lads. One of our new construction recruits is Ken, who seems to multi task on so many things. He was the photographer's apprentice today and could not resist a picture of Lamp hut No 2 which he and John S have been working on. It is almost finished and will get pride of place somewhere on site. we just haven't decided where?

Bernard D managed to get our roller repaired and back in action. It was used to pack ballast into the ruts the slab lorries left. Nice one Terry and Rod.

 Our roving reporter Peter has not filed his report to the Editors Desk but I'm sure more will follow on today's efforts.

Here it is!

We had a good turn out Broadway today 12 Volunteers I think. the Honeybourne
slabs arrived in 2 lots - we have plenty of slabs on site now! (photo

Rod and Terry continued their stirling work - this time getting the roller going and tidying up the entrance with ballast infill and using the roller to make a smooth finish (photo attached) In the afternoon they collected more bricks from the Childswickham road site - a great help as we are getting short of reds.

The construction team continued with more corbelling - I think 2 more sessions should see it finished. (Steve & I had to take time out to go to Long Marston I left at 4 o'clock but 4 or 5 members of the construction team were still going strong! Ken made a start with the ramp by the bridge.

What A beauty
 (should have gone to Specsavers?)
Steve & I went to Long Marston and met Richard & Greg, the lamp hut was duly collected ok - it looks really in good condition, Greg will replace a window on

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