Saturday 12 November 2011

Saturday 12th November 2011

It was a  balmy sunny day at Broadway today and what a good turnout - 14 volunteers doing what volunteers do best, putting heart and soul into the job whilst good humour abounds.

As a result of today's efforts, Platform 1A brickwork is approaching completion, with approximately   25 ft of corbelling left. We will then set-to with the Honeybourne slabs. If anyone would like to sponsor a slab, please use the documents link on website or come and visit us on site. Your support will be much appreciated, and  a big thank you to those who have already sponsored a slab. The £20 sponsorship will go directly towards the 1A appeal, which will in turn pay for HIAB crane support for laying the slabs and gabion baskets for the rear wall.

 The Lamp Huts refurbishment is making good progress (really good progress!). New starter Phil Sharman completed the paint removal from Hut No. 1 and is now ready for its undercoat. Ken and John continued with the fabrication of new corrugated walls for Hut No. 2. It really is a brilliant job! Here the manufacturer's tag has been rescued and refurbished by Ken. We will have a ceremonial mounting of the tag when the hut is finished.

Down in the car park the smoke was rising again from the bonfire. We badly need Dot back in action to level the ground. Lets hope that Bernard gets its sorted soon (hint hint)

At the northern end of the site the familiar the clink of the chisels were back, Robin once more in harness playing the lead and Andrew T playing the chisel harmonies.

Lastly for this week,  Marguerite's was buzzing. Fred Lea brought our stock of wonderful Broadway based Christmas cards along for sale. Please come early to avoid disappointment as they say!


Ken. said...

Regarding the tag, if anyone can find some flat capped copper rivets with a quarter inch dia shank, I only need 10 at most, please put them in the post, "FAO of Broadway Station".

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