Saturday, 22 October 2011

Saturday 22nd October 2011 - What a Sunny Day!

The weather today was brilliant in all respects - bright and cheerful which set the mood for the great turn out of Volunteers.

We decided to have a projects day today and the cement mixers were quiet and not a ping of a trowel was heard! Groups of two's and three's set to on tasks that we have been meaning to to start and/or finish but the construction work has been using most of the resources. Here the finished job of painting the fence - Started by Dave Brooks on Wednesday and finished by Dave Bowie today - it looks great.

Work started on re cladding Lamp Hut No. 2 but was halted by  shortages in the "Stores" of some roofing bolts and disc cutter  disc. Black mark to the procurement man (me) - just in time turned out to be just too late! Efforts (Johns Simms) turned to burning off the old paint from Lamp Hut No. 1 and this is virtually complete. We have the undercoat for it so this should get done well  before any severe weather turns up.

The brick mining team continued to find blue bricks and Clive endeavoured to keep up with cleaning them - a nice try! At the other end of the site the air was filled with buzzing machinery as cleaning work proceed on a variety of materials.

Lastly, meeting the challenge laid down to turn up in the most interesting classic car, a beautifully restore Austin Atlantic (A90) paid us a visit - the car of the month I feel unless you can top it!

And finally, finally thanks to all of the visitors today, those who shopped at Marguerite's, those who brought more items for us to sell, and for those who came for a chat. Please keep coming on all accounts and keep us Steaming to Broadway!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff- keep up the good work!