Thursday 6 October 2011

RIP Steve Jobs - The Master


Jim Boyles said...

RIP indeed: he had the most extraordinary mind and was a true visionary. As I believe he said, he compared himself with a game of icehockey: he would concentrate on where the puck was going - not where it had been. And he certainly did that.......

Anonymous said...

He changed my life!

Going from a drafting table to a computer screen in a generation, punch card input to graphical user interface input, engineering projects going from years, to months all due to his vision for the future.

Yes, he did not invent anything in his products, but he had the vision for the future of mankind.
A great team leader!

Who will be the next to lead us on?

But looking back at history, I think steam power made a just as larger impact several centuries ago as the computer does today.

Help the young ones understand what the railway has has given mankind.

Dave P.