Monday 24 October 2011

The French Connection

Our colleague in  Normandy, Jean Gohel, kindly sent me the Marc Isambart Brunel residence postcard shown in a previous blog report. He also sent a couple of other post cards, one of which was of an interesting railcar that operates on his railway. It looks full of character, much as the GWR Railcar (which I am hoping we get as a guest on the Broadway/Cheltenham run!).

Jean Gohel is a member of the Chemin De Fer de la Vallee de L'Eure, which departs from Pacy-sur- Eure.

You may feel this is an odd thing to include in the blog but I think it's an excellent example of the love of our railway heritage knowing no boundaries and it is quite remarkable that Jean should go to the trouble of making contact, doing his best with his English to explain a little of his background and posting this information to me at his own expense. Merci beaucoup mon ami!


Anonymous said...

The Normandy train menu reads delicious!

Anonymous said...

I looked up Haqueville using Google Earth but could only find Heuqueville in Eure region. I assume the spelling is wrong on the postcard Jean sent in. I thought I saw the Brunel house using Street View but it had lost its side buildings in that caase. Not at all off topic with a Brunel connection!