Monday 17 October 2011

Chemin der Fer!

A very interesting email and post card from a French supporter: - There are some wonderful Allo Allo 'ism in it, but the Colonels English is still much better than my French!

Dear Sir .I am very pleased to send to you a scan of an old postcard dating from the begining of the last century which represents the home where is born Marc Isembard BRUNEL In Normandie. You can read in french the following inscription i try to translate: Hacqueville (Eure) House where is born Brunel Marc Isembart, a french (its only a partially truth but as we say nul n'est prophete en son pays) ingeneer who was the first to built a tunnel under the Tames. Us Normand People does'nt forget that Isembard Kingdom was a pupil of the Lycée Malherbe in Caen where he attended a curse to prepare the examination for L'Ecole Polytechnique. Just a coincidence but the "Beau Brunel" died in Caen. if you enjoyed this card i shall be pleased to send you the genuine one.Sorry for my poor english.May be , it can be usefull for your archives or to sell. Best regards .Colonel(r) Jean Gohel.fouder and past secretary and presently a proud member of "Le Chemin de Fer de la Vallée de L'Eure.
Ps:what a fantastic job you are doing in rebuilding Broadway station §


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Ken said...

A very generous offer.

For a link to the Heritage line in question, translated,

I heard recently that there are plans in Brittany to establish/re-establish a Heritage line between Rostrenen and Mur-de-Bretagne. I'm not sure whether it will run to the North or to the South of the Lac de Guerleden but either way, the views will be stunning.