Friday 5 August 2011

GWR Station at Hall Green

One of our keen followers (Toddington Ted) has quite rightly pointed out that Hall Green Station is in many ways a perfect replica of the original Station at Broadway. Apart from the length, and roof materials now in place it would serve as cross reference for virtually all facets of what we would wish to put back  at Broadway. Here is a link

Here is Hall Greens equivalent of "1A" with the spear fencing behind it. We are currently seeking some spear fencing to deploy behind our 1A. A large quantity has been  spotted at the Cadburys Site at Birmingham.

Thanks TT  - I had not seen it before.

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Toddington Ted said...

My pleasure. I knew that most of the stations on this part of the North Warwickshire Line were all built at around the same time as the Honeybourne Line (it was all part of the same GWR route of course) and I knew that Winchcombe Signal Box had come from this part of the world but I had not realised just how close Hall Green Station was to what we want to see at Broadway.